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The PlastiCity will end in December 2022 but the work goes on. Each region has chosen or is developing his own pathway into the future.

Douai: collaboration on the Actif platform

The ACTIF platform is created by the Chamber of Commerce in Southwest Toulouse for
companies to promote recycling and reuse. The idea and proposal is for the north of France Chamber of Commerce to set up the same initiatives generated by Southwest Toulouse. The platform is also for sharing skills and storage options. The site is based on membership and declaration of companies. There is an opportunity for stakeholders who have accounts on the Actif platform to put up an offer or a demand on the site.
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Invest in Ghent: plastic recycling is part of the Cleantech ambitions

Ghent has created a dedicated website Invest in Ghent and LinkedIn Invest in Ghent to support the economic spearheads, which also includes cleantech and circular economy. These digital channels are used and will continue in the longterm to be used to share information and connect on the topic of plastics.
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Southend-on-Sea: the PlastiCity pledge

The Plasticity Pledge in Southend is promoted on the Southend Climate Action website and via a Press release.
This short-term six-month programme invites engagement with everyone, including schools, churches, businesses and is promoted in media coverage with press releases. A celebratory event will be held at the end and feedback sought about how the pledge went.
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The Hague: join PlastiCity Den Hague on linkedin

The Hague is considering what follow-up steps it wants to take to further encourage the recycling of plastic industrial waste. In the meantime, it has already set up a digital meeting place for stakeholders so that they can continue to work with each other and continue with the PlastiCity hub independently. If you are interested in meeting the Hague community and contributing yourself, subscribe to the private linkedin group. And feel free to invite others from your network to join as well.
You can also find the Urban platform in a tab on the the PlastiCity the Hague website.
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